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EON Coat
protects carbon steel against chemical and environmental corrosion
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Do you need the best quality coatings system for your project?

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We pride ourselves with being able to provide highly efficient, laser-precision solutions, custom tailored to almost any problem or situation that has to do with coating.

Polyurea Coating

Polyurea is a 100% waterproof, monolithic, polyurethane coating system. It can be applied as part of a new build, or part of a maintenance application programme.

Air Tight Coating

Blowerproof provides a durable, flexible airtight seal around almost any substrate. It is a perfect way to ensure airtightness in both new build and retrofit.

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Ultimate Coatings – A Tradition Of Excellence

  We specialise in job site preparation and application of sprayed polyurea, high solids epoxy and cementitious coating systems.

  We have a multitude of coating systems, each fit for different project requirements — we don’t believe that one system fits all.

  Our military grade quality products will virtually adhere to any substrate, may that be fiberglass, wood, metals, geo-textiles or even concrete.

  Our coatings are resistant to a great number of chemicals, acids, chlorine, fuels, salts, oils, and with a wide range of service temperatures.

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Get your free consultation

Sounds too good to be true?

It’s real. Plus, we offer free consultation to help you make a decision with the best coatings system and quality that you deserve.


Ultimate Coatings – A Tradition Of Excellence

Here at Ultimate Coatings we have a large array of preparation equipment that others would be hard pressed to match — from 36,000/22,000 psi jetting units for concrete surface removal & preparation, right down to 7000 psi trailer hot wash units for cleaning. We also have all the necessary preparation equipment from wet/dry and floor abrasive blast equipment, plus a wide array of vacuum removal systems and the perfect products to use. Pretty much everything to make sure the job is done right straight from the start!
Get your free consultation

So whether it’s an underground sewerage interceptor tank or the encapsulation of an entire building:


Why Choose Us?

As a leader in our industry, we have always worked to deliver the most advanced technology and up to date coating systems.

Our expert teams are selected specifically for each client, and they are highly trained to use modern solutions for solving coating problems quickly and efficiently.

We let our quality work and commitment to customer satisfaction be our slogan.

Our equipment and crews are 100% dedicated to all our applications and to your complete satisfaction with full applicator training including confined space and NACE coating inspection.

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