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Ultimate Coatings Limited offer effective solutions to a wide range of problems.

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We specialise in versatile products that can find use in a number of different industries, and for a wide range of applications. Here are just a few of the problems we solve:

• Airtight Coating Solutions

We can provide insulation solutions for a wide range of buildings. A properly installed insulation system offers a number of benefits to the inhabitants of a building. Not only will you be able to enjoy a warmer structure, you’ll also see a considerable drop in your energy outgoings. A well insulated building is also far more green friendly. Our BlowerProof and other spray foam insulation solutions can be quickly and easily applied, and when set forms a continuous barrier that prevents loss of conditioned air.

• Protective Coatings

We can provide you with a protective coating that will prevent damage to any fragile surfaces during your construction project. A coating of Omniguard from Hevadex can be quickly and easily applied, and rapidly sets to form a continuous protective film over your window or fragile surface. The coating can remain in place as long as it is required, and provides a high level of protection from the various hazards present on a construction site. Once work is complete, the entire coating can be easily peeled off by hand.

• Prevent Corrosion

We can provide you with a versatile solution to prevent your assets from corrosionEonCoat is an anti corrosion coating that has found use in a wide number of industries. This protective lining binds directly to a surface, forming a ceramic substrate to bond completely with whatever it is sprayed on. It is an ideal anti corrosion solution, with a proven track record in preventing damage by rust, chemical exposure and numerous other environmental factors.

• Waterproofing Large Areas

We can waterproof a factory or other structure with minimum disruption. A polyurea coating is an effective way of quickly and thoroughly waterproofing a large area. Polyurea can be easily sprayed onto a surface to create a single continuous waterproof coating. Spray application allows you to ensure that there are no cracks or gaps for water to accumulate in, and is an effective way of control water ingress.

• Tank Lining

Reline instead of replace tanks of all kinds. Help your fire sprinkler tanks, sectional steel, flat steel and concrete water tanks last longer. The application of Acothane DW delivers a water tight, long term solution to tank lining coating.

• Industrial Cleaning

We can carry out thorough cleaning operations, whatever your needs. Our team uses a high pressure water jet that can be adapted to a wide range of applications. The process is fast, effective, and does not make use of any hazardous chemicals. For serious cleaning tasks we can carry out shot blasting. Using abrasive blasting equipment, we are able to clean steel, concrete and other surfaces. We are able to clean out tanks and other large containers. Using a mobile vacuum unit we can effectively remove any waste or detritus that has built up, allowing the tank to be put back into use, or to be cleaned and recoated.


Intumescent coatings provide essential passive fire protection for steel structures. When a protective intumescent layer is added, the length of time the structure can withstand high temperatures is increased. This offers crucial additional time for evacuating occupants safely, and also reduces the damage incurred to the steel.

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