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EonCoat is an industrial protective coating which is radically different than any other system on the market. With just one coat, you can protect your assets for their entire lifetime. No recoating, no regular downtime, no loss of earnings.

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High-Performance Primer for Steel

Unlike conventional industrial polymer coatings which form a sacrificial mechanical bond to the steel, EonCoat phosphates the steel it comes in contact with, forming a two-micron thick amorphous magnesium iron phosphate layer. In other words, instead of encapsulating the asset in a protective blanket, EonCoat becomes part of the steel.

As a second line of defense against corrosion, a white ceramic layer forms over the alloyed surface to create a reservoir of phosphate corrosion protection – a dual-pronged attack which outperforms all other market leading steel protection systems.

By chemically bonding to the surface of the steel and making it non-reactive, EonCoat isn’t susceptible to scratching or abrasion in the same way as a polymer coating, making it ideal for even the most hazardous of industrial, infrastructural or marine environments.

Performance Coating

The wide array of problems EonCoat successfully solves is far greater, and it is truly impressive. It manages to address issues and situations throughout all major industries and sectors, while its application advantages make EonCoat the absolute top choice when it comes to coating solutions.


Ultimate Primer for Permanent Corrosion Protection

Imagine if there was a performance coating capable of protecting your carbon steel assets from corrosion for the duration of its life, in just one application. EonCoat offers a radically different approach to carbon steel asset corrosion protection and forms the latest in our portfolio of high-performance industrial protective coatings.

Frequently Asked Questions

EonCoat is specifically for protecting carbon steel.

EonCoat works by chemically altering the top layer of the carbon steel, making it non-reactive. So, instead of forming a sacrificial layer around the asset, it phosphates the steel, creating a two-micron thick amorphous magnesium iron phosphate layer. Then, to create a reservoir of phosphate corrosion protection, a ceramic layer forms over the alloyed surface.

This two-layer approach to protection outperforms all other market leading steel protection technologies. Tabar testing reveals that EonCoat is up to 9.6 times tougher than epoxies* and 16 times more wear-resistant than polymer paints.

* Tested on a Tabar machine with an abrasion wheel for the measurement of .001” wear, polymer coatings took 75 cycles, epoxies took 125-250 cycles and EonCoat took >1200

First and foremost EonCoat protects against chemical and environmental corrosion and because it is chemically bonded to the surface of the asset, it isn’t susceptible to scratching or abrasion either. Unaltered by real-world industrial conditions, EonCoat has a flame spread rating of zero.

EonCoat is proven in some of the most hazardous marine, industrial, infrastructure environments worldwide. The energy, municipal and heavy machinery sectors are also heading towards the use of this one-application, fast-return-to-service solution.

We are the registered distributor of EonCoat for the UK and Europe, so to find out more call us on 0800 0921 232 or take a look at the spec sheet.

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