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Polyurea is a coating/lining technology that has been used successfully for four decades in many different applications all around the world. Polyurea solutions are more advanced than traditional coating systems, offering an array of advantages to the owner/contractor that cannot be achieved with any other coating system.

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Polyurea is not a specific coating system – it is a polymer technology with a vast range of product formulations, offering a range of solutions. No coating systems compare to polyurea when it comes to attainable physical properties from; high elongation to superior tensile strengths from hard abrasion resistant to soft impact-resistant polyurea.

One of polyurea’s major benefits is its fast set and return to service characteristics, Tack-free can be as little as 10 seconds and can be open to light traffic within as little as an hour, returning an area to service many times faster than traditional coatings.

Advantages and Benefits:

Expert Polyurea Application

Our polyurea coatings are spray applied with Graco HXP-3 Plural component systems allowing us to fast apply with accuracy to any mil thickness, in one or multiple passes. Additional characteristics such as slip resistant textures can also be incorporated; UV stable colours can also be achieved.

All Ultimate Coatings applications are environmentally friendly and contain no solvents, VOCs or CVCs and comply with all new EU regulations in force from 1 January 2007. In addition our products are available with WRAS approval and are approved for food contact under EN 1186-3 2002 & USDA. These approvals allow us to work in direct contact with food products; DWI polyurea is available for use with drinking water.

Ultimate Coatings Ltd polyurea is a 100% water proof, monolithic, polyurethane coating system. It can be applied as part of a new build, or part of a maintenance application program.


How Our Polyurea Can Be used

Seamless, maintenance free, fast drying coating that seals and protects all exterior roof problems. It gives a totally weather resistant surface that can withstand extreme temperatures. It’s an ideal cost effective long term solution, to an existing leaking roof or to encapsulate an asbestos roof saving the added expense of complete re-roof. The speed of application available with the Ultimate Coatings systems ensures that all your roofing problems are solved far quicker and with far less disruption than conventional roofing systems.

Ultimate coatings Ltd polyurea’s protect steel tanks from corrosion internally and externally from chemicals, nature, and jobsite elements. With all the correct surface preparation, polyurea goes on fast and stays on long. Ultimate Coatings polyurea’s are a great product for extending the life of older tanks and can also offer insulation coating systems to stop condensation issues. Our coating systems can be applied during construction or in a maintenance retrofit programme. With their super-fast cure times they are the ideal coating/lining for refurbishment projects since service down time is greatly reduced.

At Ultimate Coatings Ltd. we offer an array of bund lining solutions, are materials are resistant to a wide range of chemicals from aggressive acids through to more inert chemicals used in all aspects of industry, so it is an ideal choice for containment. Polyurea with its ease of application and is ability to be sprayed directly over Geo-textile fabric allows us to apply over already contaminated substrates or for coating areas that are located on unstable substrates such as loose gravel. These areas can be open to traffic within minutes following coating application.

Ultimate Coatings Ltd polyurea flooring systems are popular for their fast turnaround installation capabilities. Ultimate Coatings Ltd polyureas are very durable and are ideal for use in areas of high traffic. They can be used in clean and dirty environments as a waterproofing and protective coating from daily pressure cleaning operations. We can also supply an anti-microbial coating system which is an ideal solution for all areas where total hygiene is of paramount importance.

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