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Thermal Encapsulation Systems

Our Thermal Encapsulation System has been used successfully to coat a 28,000 m2 composting facility.


Ultimate Coatings Ltd is proud to offer you our advanced spray applied Thermal Encapsulation System.

  • Lead paint and asbestos encasement
  • Thermal insulation
  • Corrosion prevention and control
  • Can be applied to externals including roofing
  • Structurally reinforces roofing and side cladding
  • Minimum surface preparation required
  • Significantly reduces/eliminates condensation
  • Seamless spray applied flexible protective shell that allows the structure  to move without coating failure
  • Very low maintenance
  • Seamless protective coating system that also pays for its self through energy savings
  • VOC/CFC free system
  • Very high chemical resistance protection for CX classification and above for corrosive environments within buildings/structures
  • Extremely low vapour permeability


We have worked hard and long with our coating systems to make sure they deliver where it matters most!

key factors for choosing Ultimate Coatings TES to protect your assets:

  • Minimal surface preparation: It would be almost impossible to prep a large building ready for a normal surface coating system due to the sheer amount of abrasive blasting or water jetting to achieve the required surface cleanness or surface profile to allow proper surface adhesion. Ultimate Coatings TES System requires very little preparation, a vacuum in most cases is enough, and where heavy surface contaminates are present a pressure wash removes everything else.
  • Voids and Cavities: These areas are always a problem for us coating contractors for it is almost impossible to coat an area if you can’t see it or even get your hand into it. Ultimate Coatings TES system allows us to completely fill these areas therefore stopping corrosion from starting or progressing any further, this would be impossible to accomplish with conventional methods
  • Strengthening the structure: Ultimate Coatings TES System helps lock in the roof and side cladding sheets by bonding the cladding to the fixing rails and purlins as well it neighbouring sheets.  The TES system will also self-support between two fixings points where no physical adhesion is present and has been proven to support a distance exceeding 1.8 meters without deflection or failing.
  • Totally seamless: This is one of the many key benefits with the TES System, the ability to protect the entire structure without a single seam. Having multiple seams or termination points the more likely you are in having a point of vapour or liquid ingress resulting in localised corrosion or total coating failure.
  • Flexibility: Almost all wide span buildings move be it wind, sun or snow loading on the roof. Ultimate Coatings TES System allows the building/structure to move due to is flexible outer coating shell with exceptional elongation properties, but more importantly sacrifices none of its ability to protect you assets.
  • Condensation Corrosion  prevention control: It has been long understood that corrosion will take place where steel comes into contact with conductive liquids, vapours and gasses(electrolytes), the more conductive the  more aggressive the corrosion. Ultimate coatings TES system helps control corrosion buy removing the electrolyte from the substrate surface. This is achieved with your normal protective coatings like factory spray or electrostatic applied painting systems, so why is the TES system better!

Ultimate Coatings Thermal Encapsulation System reduces this attack so vastly, that we will happily put a 25 YEAR product and applicator warranty on all CX classified environment projects.

Additional Information

  1. Well, everything is porous, even lead, so given enough time all coatings will allow vapour to pass through them onto the substrate and corrosion then takes place beneath the protective coating. Your average protective coating system is between 350-600 microns or 0.350-0.6mm total thickness, TES has an average thickness top coat of 2000-3000 microns or 2-3mm total thickness with an additional 25000-35000 microns or 25-35mm of closed cell foam beneath that.
  2. Ultimate Coatings‘ TES system acts as a thermal barrier between the outside environment and the aggressive moisture saturated internal environment. This helps by allowing the internal coated surface to warm or cool down with its own environment without being affected by external temperature changes. Everyone knows what happens when you take a cold can of drink out of the fridge on a hot day; it will soon become covered in condensation. This is due to the warmer airs ability to hold more moisture than cold air, so when the warm air comes into contact with the cold can, the air temperature changes and its ability to hold moisture is reduced and therefore deposits excess moisture onto the can. This same principle applies to your building/structure!
  3. The TES systems ability to help control condensation and therefore removing condensate from the building/structures surface has one more key benefit. When gasses such as ammonia or hydrogen sulphide come into contact with condensates it turns the water acidic therefore increasing its aggressive nature towards your assets.

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