A polyurea protective lining can offer a range of benefits for both you and your horses

Horses and stables stalls solutions

Stable floors receive a significant amount of wear and tear through daily use. The spray-applied performance coating can be put in place in a matter of hours, and provides a hygienic solution that will remain effective long into the future. Crucially, a polyurea coating creates a single continuous lining, with no cracks or gaps for dirt to build up in.

An insulated airtight structure has more benefits than you may think

Blowerproof Liquid Spray

Any insulation solution is, by its nature, designed with one thing in mind: controlling heat loss from a structure. Regardless of the nature of your structure, the odds are that your priority is an insulation system that gives you the most stable indoor atmosphere possible. But an effective insulation system can offer far more than […]

Rustproofing: protection against corrosion and rust

The waste water treatment industry has to deal with lots of different corrosive hazards, but few are as severe, and as undetected as sulphuric acid corrosion. Only recently are we discovering the full extent of the problem and we must confess, we find it quite fascinating.

Polyurea and polyaspartic flooring treatments

The seemingly endless benefits of polyurea and polyaspartic flooring treatments When it comes to commercial and industrial flooring, finding a solution that is fit for purpose may prove harder than expected.