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Airtightness for Insulation

Any insulation solution is, by its nature, designed with one thing in mind: controlling heat loss from a structure. Regardless of the nature of your structure, the odds are that your priority is an insulation system that gives you the most stable indoor atmosphere possible. But an effective insulation system can offer far more than that. The application of an airtight solution provides you with a structure that is not only green-friendly but also considerably more cost-effective in terms of energy bills. The key idea behind modern insulation solutions is an air-tight envelope around a structure. A large amount of conditioned interior air is lost through:
  • Junctions between walls and ceilings
  • Junctions between walls and floors
  • Window jambs
  • Penetration gaps made by pipes
  • Walls themselves
The amount of heat lost at these points may not be immediately evident but tests, such as thermal imaging, show that inefficient or non-existent insulation at these points drastically reduces insulation levels. The result is a structure that is far more expensive to heat than it should be, and far less environmentally friendly than it could be. Heating and cooling systems condition indoor air to a specific, maintained temperature; but with a poorly insulated structure, that conditioned air is free to escape at any weak points. The result is that, rather than maintaining the same air at the same temperature, you are constantly having to expend more energy on the exterior air flowing into your building. Not only is this expensive, it’s also a needless waste of energy on a problem that could be easily solved with the right insulation.

An AirTight Solution Deals with Multiple Problems

The benefits of an AirTight insulation system extend beyond environmental and financial concerns. Occupants are protected from many airborne pollutants and irritants carried on the exterior air. A higher interior air quality, as well as the reduction of drafts, can lead to health improvements. Plus, a thorough insulation system can reduce the moisture levels responsible for harmful mould problems. These are all attractive benefits, regardless of the type of structure you are working with. AirTight has found numerous applications across a wide range of industries and has a proven track record: AirTight is certified by the British Board of Agreement (BBA) to have a service life equal to that of the element it is applied to, and to guarantee the airtightness of a structure. It is a versatile product that can be quickly and easily applied in a number of different ways.

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