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Injection Chamber Waterproofing


The clients’ drinking water injection chamber was suffering from ground water ingress, which was filling up the bottom of the chamber around the wall floor and joints.


Before any coatings could be applied, the cause of the water ingress needed to be rectified. Our team used an electric pump to inject a closed-cell polyurethane resin into the voids in the concrete. When this resin comes into contact with groundwater, it expands and completely fills the void, preventing any further groundwater through.

Then the inside of the chamber was high pressure jetted, with a minimum of 7,000 psi, to produce a sound clean surface, with enough profile to achieve a strong bond between the coating system and the substrate. The remaining water and grit were pumped out of the chamber, and all grit and debris were cleaned using a wet/dry vacuum.

We then hand applied Flexcrete 851, a protective cementitious coating that is Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) approved. The solution was carefully applied at 2mm thickness, in a consistent parameter around the floor walls, joints and pipework, providing protection to the required concrete surface area.

Wessex Water were pleased with the result and quick turnaround of the project. Ultimate Coatings Ltd. have been contracted to continue lining work for additional chambers at other Wessex Water sites. 

project details

Category: Cement Coating

Client: Wessex Water

Location: Rodbourne, UK

Surface Area: 38m2




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