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Epoxy Lining for Semi-Buried Fuel Tank


The partially submerged fuel tank needed maintenance and repair coating, to ensure it remained tightly sealed so that it effectively contains the fuel and prevents any contamination to the surrounding area in the event of a leakage. 


We prepared the floor and wall surfaces before coating, cleaning off any contaminants followed by blasting with an abrasive material to a standard of SA2.5.

We then cleaned the area and took a Bresle test, to make sure the salt levels were acceptable to make sure the environment is suitable for the coating to adhere to.

Having achieved the correct salt level, we applied the stipe & first coat of Jotun Tankguard SF. The quality of application was then verified by the IPCS before spraying the final top coat.


The work was assessed by an independent inspection body, Independent Protective Coating Services Limited (IPCS) who stated:

“The coatings are shown to have been applied to a very high standard, achieving dry film thicknesses well above the specific requirement.

The newly applied coatings should provide a minimum life to next maintenance of approximately 15 years”

project details

Category: Epoxy

Client: CLH-PS

Surface Area: 30m2

Location: Stockport, England

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