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Intumescent Coating for CPS House


Lancer Scott were completing a refurbishment and adding an additional storey at CPS House, an office building in Cheltenham. This required an intumescent coating with a sleek finish for the structural beams of the building.

Intumescent coatings provide life-saving passive fire protection to steel structures. In this case the coating required had a 60-minute fire rating, meaning it provides up to 60 minutes of protection in the event of a fire.


Before the work began, the steelwork was abrasive blasted and primed off-site by the steel fabricator. These were then installed in the new structure ready for UCL.


The surface of the beams was inspected and, using hand and tool preparation, were de-nibbed to remove any contaminants and smooth off any raised steel. Inter-coat preparation was also carried out, to create an adhesion path ahead of the coating application.


We then installed a 2-layer coating system, comprising of an intumescent coating and a decorative topcoat. These layers were applied to the required DFT to ensure optimal performance and adhesion.


The client was extremely happy with the result.

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Category: Intumescent Coating

Location: Cheltenham, UK




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