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UCL have extensive experience working with water and wastewater industry clients.

We work with various of coatings systems that provide essential protection in harsh environments, as well as dramatically increase the design life of assets and equipment.

Fully qualified and experienced staff. All operatives are ICATS and NACE Coating Inspection trained.

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When it comes to water tank maintenance, there’s more to it than you might think. If you’re in charge of facilities, you have a legal duty to ensure that the water stored on your premises is safe for consumption. Neglecting your water tanks can lead to unwanted aquatic guests like legionella, which can be harmful to health. The good news is that there’s a cost-effective solution that beats tank replacement – water tank relining.

Ultimate Coatings Ltd. have decades of experience under our belt, we’ve got the expertise to handle various types of water tanks, from concrete reservoirs to sectional steel water tanks. Our team of water tank liners is well-versed in applying a range of water tank lining systems to ensure your tank stays in top-notch condition.

If you’re using a tank for drinking water, it’s essential that it’s Regulation 31 approved for public supply or WRAS approved for consumer premises. We’ve got you covered, as we work with a variety of materials from different manufacturers. This means we can help you select the right material that suits both your budget and specifications. Plus, we stand by our work with robust warranties to put your mind at ease.

Steel Water Tanks Steel tanks are a magnet for trouble in a watery environment. They corrode quickly, creating the perfect conditions for aquatic microorganisms. In no time, the tank’s structure will start deteriorating, leading to those dreaded leaks.

Proper surface preparation is the key to success, especially when dealing with steel tanks. We offer a range of methods, including ultra-high-pressure water jetting, abrasive blasting, and manual prep. Failing to prep the steel correctly can result in the premature failure of the tank lining.

The type of tank lining you need depends on the surface preparation used. When only manual preparation is possible, we turn to surface-tolerant coatings and primers, specially designed to control corrosion. While abrasive blasting is the gold standard, it’s not always feasible due to challenging tank locations. To ensure the highest quality steel tank linings, we have our in-house ICORR paint inspector and ICATS-trained tank liners.

GRP Tanks

It’s a common misconception that GRP tanks are maintenance-free due to their lack of steel corrosion. However, we often find ourselves refurbishing these tanks due to leaks or panel degradation.

GRP tanks are sectional in design, which can lead to movement between panel joints, causing water leaks. Over time, panels can degrade and even crack in extreme cases. Panels can become porous, resulting in blisters and pores that create a cozy environment for unwanted microorganisms.

On top of that, the fixings used to hold the panels together can corrode, leading to water contamination. The good news is that we can address all these issues with the right tank lining.

Concrete Water Tanks

Concrete tanks are a popular choice for water storage, especially in public supply. While they have a long service life, they can suffer from chemical attacks and erosion due to water flows.

The solution? A protective tank lining. We typically recommend flexible polyurethane or polyurea tank linings due to their crack-filling abilities.

Concrete can be porous and have surface imperfections. It’s crucial to fill these before applying the tank lining because the lining alone won’t do the job. Skipping this step can lead to breaks in the lining, resulting in premature failure and providing a habitat for microorganisms.

Just like with steel tanks, we conduct spark testing on all concrete tank linings to ensure they’re free from pinholes and imperfections. We’re dedicated to giving you the longest possible service life for your tank lining.

Whether you’re dealing with steel, GRP, or concrete water tanks, we have the expertise and experience to keep your water safe and your tanks in great condition. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Ultimate Coatings Ltd. for all your water tank relining needs.

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