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Rustproofing: protection against corrosion and rust

Rustproofing: Protection Against Corrosion and Rust The waste water treatment industry has to deal with lots of different corrosive hazards, but few are as severe, and as undetected as sulphuric acid corrosion. Only recently are we discovering the full extent of the problem and we must confess, we find it quite fascinating. Between the 1960s […]

Epoxy Coating for Aviation Fuel Facility

Epoxy coating applied to aviation fuel tank

Epoxy Coating for Aviation Fuel Tank THE CHALLENGE The client’s aviation fuel tanks required a new lining system as part of their scheduled maintenance. While the tanks were in a serviceable condition, signs of rust and other defects required repairing in order to return them to the clients’ internal working standards. OUR SOLUTION The tanks […]

Concrete Chamber Waterproofing​

Flexcrete 851 applied to floor and wall joints and around pipework

Injection Chamber Waterproofing THE CHALLENGE The clients’ drinking water injection chamber was suffering from ground water ingress, which was filling up the bottom of the chamber around the wall floor and joints. OUR SOLUTION Before any coatings could be applied, the cause of the water ingress needed to be rectified. Our team used an electric […]