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5 Reasons Coatings Fail

5 Reasons Coatings Fail Coatings are widely used in various industries to protect surfaces from corrosion, wear and tear, and other forms of damage. When coatings fail, the substrate underneath becomes exposed to various environmental factors, which can lead to corrosion, degradation, and other forms of damage. This can result in reduced performance, decreased lifespan, […]

Polyurea Coating for GRP Tank

Tank Lining

Polyurea Coating for GRP Tank THE CHALLENGE The clients’ 6 Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) tanks had begun to show signs of cracking and damage, due to a lack of maintenance in the 5 years since their installation. This was causing the tanks to leak wastewater and contaminates into the surrounding soil, an issue which caused […]

Polyurea Lining for Digester Tank

Spray application

Polyurea Coating for Digester Tank THE CHALLENGE The client’s digester tank was showing signs of water and gas leakage, as well as chemical damage that was threatening the integrity of the tank. In addition, there were also signs of corrosion caused by carbonation on the exterior walls of the tank. To return the tank to […]

Generator Room Bund Sealing

Generator Room Protection: Bund Sealing In order to prevent dangerous contamination in the event of a leakage, bund sealing was used to secure the generator room. THE CHALLENGE Barclays was looking to implement an efficient bund lining system for two of their generator rooms. The sealed bund would need to hold the equivalent of 110% […]

High-Performance Polyurea Coating for Dog Kennels

Newly constructed dog kennels required a chemical resistant, durable coating THE CHALLENGE The client required a protective polyurea coating for their newly constructed dog kennels. It needed to be durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of the canine occupants, as well as be easy to clean to keep the kennels hygienic. OUR SOLUTION […]

Reservoir Top Waterproof Membrane

3mm WRAS Approved Polyurea Applied to Roof

Reservoir Top Waterproof Membrane THE CHALLENGE As part of an ongoing maintenance and refurbishment policy, a major water company required a 750 m² concrete roof to be sealed to prevent any water and contaminants from penetrating the roof and entering the potable water storage tank below THE SOLUTION The existing soil which covered the roof […]