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Epoxy Coating for Aviation Fuel Facility

Epoxy coating applied to aviation fuel tank

Epoxy Coating for Aviation Fuel Tank THE CHALLENGE The client’s aviation fuel tanks required a new lining system as part of their scheduled maintenance. While the tanks were in a serviceable condition, signs of rust and other defects required repairing in order to return them to the clients’ internal working standards. OUR SOLUTION The tanks […]

Polyurea Coating for GRP Tank

Tank Lining

Polyurea Coating for GRP Tank THE CHALLENGE The clients’ 6 Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) tanks had begun to show signs of cracking and damage, due to a lack of maintenance in the 5 years since their installation. This was causing the tanks to leak wastewater and contaminates into the surrounding soil, an issue which caused […]

Digester Tank Renovation

Injecting wall voids

Digester Tank Renovation THE CHALLENGE A digester tank for a major water supplier was severely damaged, with corrosion leading to water ingress. Due to the extent of the damage, the client had initially wanted to replace the tank. However, due to its complex location, this was not possible. Instead, the decision was made to completely […]

Epoxy Coating for Buried Concrete Water Interceptors

Raven 405

Epoxy Coating for Buried Concrete Manholes THE CHALLENGE The client was having difficulties with 5 concrete buried water interceptors. Originally, there was no protective coating installed and the concrete surface was left exposed. As a result, the chambers were degrading, and signs of water ingress were starting to show. A new coating was required to […]

Polyurea Lining for Digester Tank

Spray application

Polyurea Coating for Digester Tank THE CHALLENGE The client’s digester tank was showing signs of water and gas leakage, as well as chemical damage that was threatening the integrity of the tank. In addition, there were also signs of corrosion caused by carbonation on the exterior walls of the tank. To return the tank to […]

Epoxy Lining for Semi-Buried Fuel Tank

Epoxy coated tank

Epoxy Lining for Semi-Buried Fuel Tank THE CHALLENGE The partially submerged fuel tank needed maintenance and repair coating, to ensure it remained tightly sealed so that it effectively contains the fuel and prevents any contamination to the surrounding area in the event of a leakage.  OUR SOLUTION We prepared the floor and wall surfaces before […]