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Enhancing Building Performance: The Transformative Benefits of Airtight Coatings

Image of a house sat on a large roll of paper that has building plans on it. The light outside is dark and all the lights are on in the house.

Enhancing Building Performance: The Transformative Benefits of Airtight Coatings In the ever-evolving world of architecture and construction, the pursuit of energy efficiency, sustainability, and occupant comfort has become paramount. Architects and specifiers are tasked with not only creating visually stunning structures but also ensuring their designs meet rigorous performance standards. Enter airtight coatings – a […]

Rustproofing: protection against corrosion and rust

Rustproofing: Protection Against Corrosion and Rust The waste water treatment industry has to deal with lots of different corrosive hazards, but few are as severe, and as undetected as sulphuric acid corrosion. Only recently are we discovering the full extent of the problem and we must confess, we find it quite fascinating. Between the 1960s […]

Passivhaus Jargon Explained

Passivhaus Jargon Explained Passivhaus, with its emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainability, has gained popularity in the realm of construction and architecture. Particularly with Scotland’s new regulations,  As you delve into this innovative approach, you’ll encounter various jargon words that are crucial to understanding and appreciating the principles of Passivhaus. In this blog post, we’ll […]

DWI Approved Coatings

Water Tank Refurbishment 3

DWI Approved Coatings DWI (Drinking Water Inspectorate) approved coatings are coatings that have been specifically designed to protect water storage tanks and reservoirs from chemical contamination. These coatings are specifically formulated to ensure that they do not affect the quality of drinking water, and are therefore subject to strict guidelines and regulations set out by […]

5 Reasons Coatings Fail

5 Reasons Coatings Fail Coatings are widely used in various industries to protect surfaces from corrosion, wear and tear, and other forms of damage. When coatings fail, the substrate underneath becomes exposed to various environmental factors, which can lead to corrosion, degradation, and other forms of damage. This can result in reduced performance, decreased lifespan, […]

Air Tightness Regulations in the UK 2023

Blowerproof Application

Air Tightness Regulations in the UK 2023 In recent years, the importance of energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions in construction has become increasingly apparent. As a result, regulations regarding the energy efficiency of buildings have been introduced to ensure that new buildings are constructed to meet certain standards. One of the key factors in […]

Ultimate Coatings Ltd. Become Passivhaus Trust Members

Passivhaus x UCL

We are thrilled to announce that Ultimate Coatings is now a member of the Passivhaus Trust. The Trust aims to promote the use of Passivhaus standards and methodology of building design in the UK. These standards work to improve the efficiency of buildings by reducing energy use and carbon emissions, and improving the comfort of the […]