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Generator Room Bund Sealing

Generator Room Protection: Bund Sealing In order to prevent dangerous contamination in the event of a leakage, bund sealing was used to secure the generator room. THE CHALLENGE Barclays was looking to implement an efficient bund lining system for two of their generator rooms. The sealed bund would need to hold the equivalent of 110% […]

Concrete Ring Interceptor Tank Renovation

Concrete Interceptor Tank Renovation

Concrete Ring Interceptor Tank Renovation A 5m deep by 2.4m diameter concrete reinforced, precast ring section interceptor tank had been exposed to high levels of H2S over many decades and was almost on the point of being replaced due to the high amounts of substrate degradation. OUR SOLUTION The tank was pumped to its lower […]

Protective coatings for concrete

Spraying Ultracoat in ring shaft

Protective Coating for Concrete Performance coatings may be a popular method of prolonging the life of concrete, but specifying the right product to protect a concrete structure isn’t always as simple as it sounds. And that’s where an expert like SPI Performance Coatings can help.