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Protective Epoxy Coating for Pipework in Fuel Facility


Our client, a major fuel supplier, required parts of their pipework network to be recoated as part of scheduled maintenance and repairs. Areas of corrosion had been identified and if left untreated this could lead to damage to the network.


We inspected the areas surrounding some pipes that required defective wrapping to be replaced using CAT and GENNIE radio-detection equipment to ensure the area was safe for excavation. We then dug out the ground surrounding the pipes to expose the defective wrapping and replace using denso tape.


The pipes that required coating were abrasive blasted using garnet to achieve the required surface profile of SA 2.5.


The team then started to apply the coating system; however, we encountered some adverse weather conditions, wind and rain created an environment that was impossible to apply the product in. To ensure this didn’t prevent the job from continuing the team built an encapsulation tent to protect the pipes and surrounding areas so they were able to continue working.


The team hand-prepared & applied the coating system to 19 pipe supports, alongside localised corroded areas on pipes and valves. The client was extremely happy with the result, and the team continue to provide additional coating services to their other sites and assets.

project details

Category: Epoxy

Location: United Kingdom

Surface Area: approx. 300m2




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